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Premium Water


Available: January 2017 

Introducing LIFEWTR, a pH balanced, electrolyte enhanced, superior tasting water. LIFEWTR will not only satisfy your thirst but appeal visually. The package label will change several times a year and feature different artists that have a background in mediums like graphic design or photography. The artists that contributed the initial LIFEWTR labeling designs are mural artist MOMO, transatlantic duo Craig & Karl, and large-scale painter Jason Woodside. 

Size: 1 Liter bottle and 700mL sport top bottle


Pure Leaf

Tea House Collection


Available: mid February 2017

Pure Leaf Tea House Collection offers a tea house experience anytime, anywhere. Each batch is an expertly crafted recipe pairing premium organic loose tea leaves with their perfect fruit or herb companion, resulting in a unique recipe that no other iced tea delivers.

Organic Black Tea with a hint of Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle
Organic Green Tea with a hint of Fuji Apple & Ginger
Organic Black Tea with a hint of Wild Blackberry & Sage

Sizes: 14 oz glass bottles


Mtn Dew



Available: January 2017

Hydrating Boost Raspberry Citrus offers the bold taste of Dew with 5% Real Fruit Jiuce and 5% Coconut Water for a refreshing energy boost.

Mango Lime combines  Mtn Dew with 5% Real Fruit Juice, Vitamins C & B and enough caffeine to crank it up without overdoing it. New flavor, Mango Lime is a great way to kick start your day!

Sizes: Raspberry Citrus - 12oz can, Mango Lime - 16oz can 


Pure Leaf

New Flavors


Available: mid February 2017

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is brewed from real tea leaves and delivers fresh brewed taste. Our tea flavors are made with real tea leaves picked at their freshest, and purposefully crafted for a clean, fresh brewed taste for a great tasting refreshing flavor.  Now available in two new delicious flavors: Mint and Pomegranate.

Sizes: 18.5 oz bottles

We’ve also released two new flavors in 18.5 oz 6 packs! Look for Not Too Sweet Green Tea with Honey and Black Tea with Peach.




Available: January 2017

Gatorade has been fueling athletes for over 50 years. In 2017 we're introducing FLOW; a full flavored line with a smooth finish. Available in two thirst quenching flavors, Kiwi Strawberry and Blackberry Wave. 

Sizes: 28oz bottles








Available: mid February 2017 

Aquafina Sparkling will launch a reformulated version with zero calories, zero sugar, and zero artificial preservatives – and introducing a new flavor: Mango Pineapple. Aquafina Sparkling is a healthy addition to any meal or snack and provides the perfect balance of fun and a hint of flavor.

Crisp, refreshing Aquafina Sparkling is available in four flavors: Black Cherry Dragonfruit, Lemon Lime, Orange Grapefruit and Mango Pineapple

Sizes: 12 oz. slim cans (limited flavors), 12 oz 8 packs 

Craft Soda

Caleb's Kola & Stubborn Soda


Available:mid February 2017

A line of crafted, boldly flavored sodas made with unexpected flavor combinations and without unnecessary ingredients.

STUBBORN SODA® is about getting things done the right way – no compromises, all determination.  It’s about insisting on the right ingredients – No artificial sweeteners, all natural flavors and delivering new, unexpected flavor combinations like Wild Black Cherry With Tarragon, or Agave Vanilla Cream Soda.

CALEBS KOLA® We keep it real. Starting with the Kola Nut, we mix in aromatic spices, a splash of sparkling water, and sweeten it with fair trade certified cane sugar.

Sizes: 12 oz glass bottles



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